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ballerinaduck replied to your post:gO AWAY
yeah, I instantly disliked him too (doesn’t help that he’s played by padelecki, who I know is a jerk irl)

like, i knew he was in it but i thought i had time gdi. i’m hoping since he’s in it so early he’ll be gone in a season or so maybe??

underconstellations replied to your post:gO AWAY

already don’t like him, huh? GOOD. you’re on the right page!


remember nick at nite

pie is so important



i didn’t come here for a heist episode but i’d watch one.

oooh i know the concergie from gifsets

i forgot rupaul existed then 

so like all shows ever, apparently this was filmed in canada, but it looks close enough just outside of hartford to me. a person who was there once.

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